Ron Chamberlain


Ron Chamberlain

Ron Chamberlain is an agromomist for GYPSOIL, and has been a popular speaker at many grower events such as the recent Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium.

Chamberlain, Director of Gypsum Programs for Beneficial Reuse Management, marketers of GYPSOIL brand gypsum, presented several gypsum application tips, including handling and spreading methods, application timing and rate recommendations.

Chamberlain recommended applying gypsum with a fertilizer or litter spreader, ideally equipped with a stainless steel box with steep sides (45 degree angles) and a wide belt. Twin spinners are important to ensure a wide, uniform spread pattern. In absence of a stainless steel box, graphite film coating or plastic liners can be used to assure the gypsum slides easily onto the belt. Because particle size is so small, gypsum can bridge if equipment isn't set properly. Care should also be taken when storing to avoid moisture saturation with rainfall.

When is the best time to apply it? "Apply anytime it is appropriate to be in the field without damaging the field or crop with the application equipment," Ron Chamberlain explained.

Rates are typically 300 to 500 lbs. per acre for sulfur supplementation and one to two tons per acre every one to two years for soil amendment, according to Chamberlain. He said delivered and spread price on gypsum is between $30 and $50/ton.

For more information about the Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium and gypsum, contact GYPSOIL today. Gypsoil's mission is to make a positive impact in our customers' soil while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

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