Iowa Customer Information

In the state of Iowa, GYPSOIL has been approved by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources through a beneficial use determination for land application. Regulations in Iowa do not allow for GYPSOIL to make guarantees as to the material or performance of the material but do allow communicating the following facts regarding GYPSOIL:

  • GYPSOIL is calcium sulfate dihydrate, the same active ingredient found in mined gypsum;
  • Laboratory tests indicate this material contains on an average 16.6% sulfur and 18.4 % calcium;
  • GYPSOIL is available as a bulk powder material with a light tan color and typical moisture levels between 8% and 15%.

Although this website may list other benefits and features of GYPSOIL, we are not allowed to market GYPSOIL based on these benefits in Iowa.

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