Ohio Conservation Practice Standard

Ohio’s new practice standard, “Amending Soil Properties with Gypsiferous Products Code 801,” was designed as a guideline for using gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) in their conservation programs to change the physical or chemical properties of soil.

The purposes for the Ohio standard include:

  • Improve soil health by increasing infiltration and improving physical/chemical properties of soil;
  • Improve surface water quality by reducing dissolved phosphorus concentrations;
  • Improve water quality by reducing the potential for pathogens transport;
  • Ameliorate subsoil Al toxicity

Details about Ohio’s new conservation practice standard can be found in the following documents and at your local NRCS office.

Most approved growers will be eligible to receive 75% of $28.08 for low application rates and 75% of $47.69 for high rates.  For under-served, minorities and veterans, the fee structure is 90% of $33.69/acre for low rates and 90% of $57.22 for high rates.

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