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For healthier soils and better crops, depend on GYPSOIL brand gypsum.

GYPSOIL brand gypsum is an easy, economical way to improve your most important farming asset - your soil. Whether you farm in the Midwest, Mid-South or Southeast, GYPSOIL works as a soil amendment to transform soil chemistry and improve physical properties. GYPSOIL is also used as a high quality and cost-effective source of calcium necessary to optimize health, crop quality and yield of crops such as potatoes and peanuts.

With GYPSOIL, you can create a better, deeper root zone for your crop, and improve the natural biological activity that lets your crops take better advantage of moisture and fertility. 

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Potential benefits in adding GYPSOIL to your cropping system:

  • Boost in fertility from added sulfate sulfur and calcium
  • Better seedling emergence and plant health
  • Improved soil structure, especially in tight clay soils  
  • Softer, deeper root zone
  • Increase in rainfall absorption and retention
  • Enhanced drainage efficiency
  • Decreased ponding and crusting
  • More soil biological activity
  • Better nutrient efficiency
  • Reduced nutrient and soil loss 
  • Protection of water quality

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Economic Impact of Gypsum Use

In a new economic impact study, gypsum users rated 23 benefits of gypsum application and reported these top three benefits:

  1. Increased yield. Long-term gypsum users reported a yield increase of nearly 11% for alfalfa, 8% for corn and 6.5*% for soybeans. Yield increases alone typically cover the cost of gypsum and application.1 
  2. Sulfur availability. At 13-17% sulfate sulfur, depending on the exact source, GYSPOIL is an economical, effective replacement for ammonium sulfate or elemental sulfur. Growers estimate the replacement value of sulfur in gypsum at nearly $16 per acre.1
  3. More productive soils. Calcium and sulfur in GYPSOIL improve the soil physical structure by balancing soil chemistry. Air and water move through the soil profile more efficiently. Seedling emergence improves, roots grow deeper and more robust soil biology occurs. The result is healthier soils that contribute to healthier plants. 

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The longer you use GYPSOIL the more you’ll value it. Long-term gypsum users use gypsum on nearly half their acres or about 35% more than short-term users. 

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Excellent ROI

Long-term gypsum users report a return on investment (ROI) of 5X or higher for alfalfa and 2X or higher for corn. When you combine just the impact of yield, improved fertilizer efficiency and the replacement value of sulfur, the ROI is nearly $172/A for alfalfa and $68/A for corn (based on average cost of $30/A for gypsum plus application. 1

Beneficial Reuse Management LLC

1 Batte and Forster, An Economic Analysis of Beneficial Gypsum Use in Agriculture, 2014.


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