Improve soil structure

Improve aggregation, reduces crusting and compaction

GYPSOIL helps improve soil structure by increasing soil particle aggregation. With GYPSOIL, soils become softer, more porous and flocculated. The resulting mellow, garden-like soil resists erosion, compaction and crusting.

Air and water percolates through the soil profile easier when soils are well-flocculated. Because GYPSOIL is water soluble, it works deep into the soil profile so plant roots penetrate downward faster and deeper.  This promotes better plant stands, drought resistance and a healthier crop.

One of the first things GYPSOIL users experience is how much easier equipment pulls through the field. The soil is looser, yet soft and firm and equipment works more efficiently. Growers also notice after applications of GYPSOIL how easy it is to push a soil probe into the profile.  Soil is softer and looser making it easier for the probe to slide into the earth.

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