Glacierland Gypsum Field Day

Beneficial Reuse Management LLC

Glacierland Resource Conservation & Development

Gypsum Field Day, Black Creek, WI

April 13, 2016

Glacierland RC & D, an organization made up of farmers, government agency personnel and other conservation enthusiasts, held a spring field day at the farm of Greg and Karen Nettekoven in Black Creek, WI.  Glacierland's Agricultural Conservation Specialist Molly Meyers presented information about the organization's gypsum projects currently underway in northeast Wisconsin.  Ron Chamberlain described what gypsum is, how it is applied and the scientific basis for using gypsum for soil health improvement, increased water infiltration and reduced concentrations in nutrient losses, reduction of pathogen transport and mitigation of aluminum toxicity.

Molly Meyers shared information about Wisconsin's new gypsum practice standard and financial incentives available in the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative watershed areas. Details can be found online on the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide (Click your state and county and go to  Section IV) or by visiting your local NRCS office.  For more information about Glacierland's gypsum projects, contact Molly Meyers with questions:  920-680-6484 or

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