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"Gypsoil brings a broad base of technical knowledge on the use of gypsum for agricultural production."       - Katheryne Rehberg, ADM Product Manager, Acidulants


Ron ChamberlainAgronomist Ron Chamberlain first saw the improvement in soil structure that gypsum brought to his clients’ farms in the early 2000s. He observed that soils became softer and more friable, yet they resisted compaction, crusting and ponding. Over time, clients reported crop performance had improved because of the healthier, more productive soils. 

Chamberlain and his wife, Cheryl, established their gypsum business in 2002 and sought permits to sell gypsum for agricultural purposes in Indiana. They established the GYPSOIL brand in 2006 and soon they began working with several gypsum source partners to supply gypsum to area growers. 

In June 2009, Chicago-based Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM) acquired GYPSOIL and Ron became Director of Gypsum Programs for BRM.  He continues to serve as the lead agronomist for GYPSOIL and travels throughout the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-South to assist employees and customers who are incorporating gypsum into their management program.

Beneficial Reuse Management

GYPSOIL’s parent company - Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM) - is in the business of identifying opportunities to utilize byproducts of various manufacturing processes in safe and effective ways that benefit landowners, crop growers and others that can effectively use these materials. Visit BRM at

Beneficial Reuse Management

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