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GYPSOIL® helps crop growers improve soil quality and increase productivity

Beneficial Reuse Management LLC

GYPSOIL® is a division of Beneficial Reuse Management LLC. GYPSOIL brand gypsum helps farmers improve productivity by providing valuable nutrients, and by improving soil structure.

GYPSOIL identifies and obtains high quality gypsum supplies, assists in state permitting, develops cost-effective distribution and transport networks and helps growers understand the agronomics and application methods associated with using agricultural gypsum. Founded in Indiana in 2006, GYPSOIL has quickly become a recognized market leader in supplying gypsum for agriculture. GYPSOIL is available through agricultural distributors in the Midwest, Mid-South and Southeast and used in the production of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, cotton, peanuts, potatoes and other crops. GYPSOIL has partnerships with many major gypsum producers, including:

  • We Energies (Wisconsin and Illinois);
  • Archer Daniels Midland (North Carolina and Illinois);
  • Indianapolis Power & Light Company (Indiana);
  • Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (Illinois);
  • LG & E (Kentucky);
  • Duke Energy (Indiana) and others;
  • City Water Light and Power (Springfield, IL)
  • Westar Energy (Kansas);
  • DTE Energy (MI, IN, OH, Canada)

Read about how GYPSOIL benefits various soil types, especial soils that are high in clay soils and prone to compaction, and learn more about our history, territory sales team and Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium.



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