Foster healthy soil biology


By loosening soil and improving water and air movement, GYPSOIL creates a much friendlier, deeper environment for soil organisms - microbes as well as earthworms.  These soil organisms break down organic matter and nutrients in the soil.

Healthy soil biology builds humus, often called the “life force” in soils.  It is created by soil biology that is alive and actively at work to decompose and stabilize organic matter. When you see humus present in the soil profile, it is a good indication that soil biology is active and working.

Soil biology also helps builds soil structure by excreting the natural glues called glomulins that continually aggregate and stabilize soils.

Tight soils prevent the soil biology from getting the proper amount of oxygen and moisture they need to break down residue and release nutrients into the soil from the parent material.

Soils are composed primarily of millions of tons of minerals. This bank of reserve nutrition must be converted from stable minerals to mobile nutrients for plant uptake. This is accomplished primarily by biological action breaking down organic residues with acids, which also convert minerals to nutrients. Billions of species of soil biology work together to bring just the right amount of nutrient into the soil profile to support plant growth and maintain the environment.

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