X marks the spot for GYPSOIL!

One of our Wisconsin distributors wanted to see what happens when GYPSOIL brand gypsum is applied to a mature alfalfa field. So the cooperative sent an intern out to do a little experiment last summer. The intern was told to apply GYPSOIL by hand at a rate calibrated to an estimated 1 ton/acre to create an X formation in the field. 

Look at the results! Where the GYPSOIL was applied, the alfalfa is lush and green. But in the rest of the field you can see the washed out, yellowing of the plants — a telltale sign of sulfur deficiency. The field was on its third year after seeding when this photo was snapped.

For a powerful burst of sulfur that’s immediately available to your crop, use GYPSOIL brand gypsum. GYPSOIL - calcium sulfate - is about 13-16 % sulfur and 17-20 % calcium. It is one of the most economical sources of sulfur available. For more information about putting it to work on your farm, contact 888-GYPSOIL (497-7645) or write info@gypsoil.com. 

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