Rates depend on the soil environment and a variety of factors. Typical rates are 300 to 500 lbs. per acre for fertility purposes and one to two tons per acre for soil amendment.

Soil Test CEC Guide

Application Rates

For soil amendment, the rates depends on the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) levels and various other factors including cropping history, drainage, soil type and management goals. The following rates are basic recommendations based on CEC:

CEC Rate
< 10 0.5 T/A
10-15 1.0 T/A
> 15 2.0 T/A

Cation Exchange Capacity is the amount of cations a soil can retain. Higher CEC soils have greater capacity to store plant nutrients. Soil CEC increases with more clay, more organic matter and is also influenced by pH. 

For specific rates and usage recommendations, contact your local GYPSOIL Territory Manager or dealer.

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