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Applying Gypsum in the Fall

Source Publication:White Paper
Primary Author:Chamberlain, Ron - Agronomist, GYPSOIL
State:Not State Specific
Contact Information:Ron Chamberlain 1-­866-­497-7645
Focus:Fall Application
Category:Proceedings & Bulletins & Research Reports
Crop:Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Alfalfa
Download:Fall Gypsum Applications White Paper 11.15.13.pdf (385.8 KB)
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Applying Gypsum in the Fall

Authored by Ron Chamberlain
GYPSOIL/BRM Chief Agronomist 1-866-497-7645

Many growers are applying gypsum in the fall to improve soil structure and supply sulfur and calcium for the next crop. As rain droplets contact gypsum-treated soil, the gypsum molecules dissolve and begin to move slowly into the soil profile.* Recently, there have been questions about whether the sulfur in fall-applied gypsum is available to spring crops.

In my twelve years of observing crop response to gypsum applications, the answer has been obvious -- YES. Our customers typically apply gypsum in the fall after harvest. Improved crop vigor and increased yields for corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat are common during the next growing season. I am convinced that a big reason for this early resoponse is the availablility of sulfate sulfur from gypsum applications to sulfur-deficient environments.

My personal observations are backed by university research studies. Research conducted at The Ohio State University's School of Environment & Natural Resources has shown that sulfur from gypsum applied at typical rates remains present in the upper soil profile for several years after application. The study documented sulfate-sulfur levels of 75-420 PPM in the upper profile of a Blount soil six months after completing a second annual application of 0, 1,500, or 3,000 #/ac gypsum1. Please click here for full article.

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