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GYPSOIL Brand Gypsum Now Available to Eastern Iowa Crop Growers

Published May 23, 2012
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Chicago, IL, May 23, 2012 – Ben Franklin and many of his contemporaries recognized the
benefits of applying gypsum to agricultural soils more than 200 years ago. Gypsum supplies
nutrients and is used as a soil amendment to soften soils. But because gypsum is expensive to
mine and transport, the practice has not been widely used by agricultural producers except for
certain specialty crops.

GYPSOIL™ brand gypsum is a lower cost, high quality option that’s now available to eastern
Iowa crop growers. GYPSOIL’s parent company, Beneficial Reuse Management, has expanded
distribution points at several locations along the upper Mississippi River.

GYPSOIL brand gypsum is a synthetic form of gypsum that has the same chemical composition
as mined gypsum -- calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4 2H2O). It is a co-product of the process
that cleans the air from coal-fired plants and is sometimes called FGD gypsum. GYPSOIL is also
made as a co-product of certain processing plants for food-grade products.

Sulfur source
Soil scientists have observed that sulfur is becoming deficient in many Midwestern soils today.1
GYPSOIL brand gypsum offers a highly-available and economical source of sulfur. A typical
analysis is 13-16 percent sulfur sulfate. In addition, GYPSOIL supplies 17-20 percent calcium.
“GYPSOIL is an excellent option for growers dealing with sulfur deficiencies, often seen as
yellowing leaves in corn, soybeans, alfalfa and other crops,” says Ron Chamberlain, GYPSOIL’s
chief agronomist and founder. Sulfur deficiencies can also reduce crop yield.

Soil amendment
“As a soil amendment, GYPSOIL creates a softer, more manageable soil profile over time,” says
Chamberlain. “The result is less crusting and sealing at the soil surface, and less ponding and
runoff after a rain, as well as less soil erosion.”

GYPSOIL also creates an environment that is conducive to soil organisms, including microbes as
well as earthworms. This improved environment allows soil organisms to break down organic
matter and nutrients in the soil faster and better. This makes nutrients more available to plants
and contributes to better plant health and vigor, explains Chamberlain.

“GYPSOIL offers many benefits to crops, including adding sulfur to soils and improving soil
tilth,” says Chamberlain. “It is a highly safe and effective form of gypsum, and far more
economical than mined gypsum.”

For more information about GYPSOIL or the name of the nearest dealer, visit

GYPSOIL is a division and tradename of Beneficial Reuse Management LLC. Our mission is to make a
positive impact in our customers’ soil while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.
1The Fertility of North American Soils, 2010, Bulletin Summary, International Plant Nutrition Institute,
March 2011.


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Beneficial Reuse Management LLC

GYPSOIL™ brand gypsum offers a highly-available source of sulfur and helps soften
tight clay soils by neutralizing the metals and chemical salts that bind to clay particles
and cause poor soil structure. GYPSOIL’s parent company Beneficial Reuse
Management has recently expanded distribution to offer eastern Iowa crop growers a
lower cost alternative to mined gypsum. Photo supplied by GYPSOIL/BRM, 2012.

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