• Midwest growers farming fields with degraded soil structure, especially tight clay type soils, often experience a host of problems that make it more difficult to farm potentially high-performance acres.
    • GYPSOIL helps reduce the crusting that inhibits seedling emergence and increases wasteful water runoff. It also helps expand the effective root zone by neutralizing the damaging aluminum barrier found in many Delta soils. Gypsum also improves water-holding capacity in tight soils and is a good source of calcium and sulfur.
    • Southeastern peanut growers - especially those who grow large-seeded varieties - use GYPSOIL to assure their crops have enough calcium in the pegging zone. Calcium is critical for proper seed development to avoid pops, pod rot and black heart as well as poor germination in seed peanuts.

    GYPSOIL® brand gypsum. Healthier soils. Better crops.

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      As sulfur deficiencies continue to increase, GYPSOIL BLENDABLE is a highly economical and convenient way to add sulfur as part of a dry fertilizer blend.

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    GYPSOIL brand gypsum supplies calcium and sulfur in a single product

    GYPSOIL agronomy experts work closely with crop producers to help them improve soil quality.

    GYPSOIL brand gypsum is a soil amendment used by corn, soybean, alfalfa, cotton and other crop growers to increase crop productivity through improved soil structure and valuable added nutrients.  GYPSOIL brand gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate [CaSO4 - 2H2O]) is an excellent source of sulfur and calcium.

    Soil Improvement Through Agricultural Gypsum

    GYPSOIL is the leader in agricultural gypsum. By spreading gypsum, crop growers can effectively improve soil physical properties to soften tight clay soils, increase rainwater infiltration and retention, combat soil crusting, improve seedling emergence and root growth, remove aluminum barriers and reduce nutrient runoff and soil loss. Recent research shows promising results in using field-applied gypsum to reduce nutrient runoff from farm fields to ultimately protect water quality.

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    GYPSOIL is a Division of Beneficial Reuse Management

    GYPSOIL is a division and tradename of Beneficial Reuse Management LLC. It works with leading coal-fired utility companies and other processing plants that produce co-product gypsum to establish safe and reliable supplies for farmers in the Midwest, Mid-South and Southeast regions.

    Gypsum Technical Information 

    Through participation in events like GYPSOIL's own Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium, national trade events such as the National No Tillage Conference and other regional field events such as AgTIPS 2014, plus through other communications efforts, GYPSOIL provides leadership in the understanding and application of agricultural gypsum. The 2014 Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium features more than 13 speakers, including: Dr. Warren Dick, Dr. Darrell Norton, Dr. Leo Espinoza, Dr. Deann Presley, Dr. Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Jared Morrison, Joe Nester, Dr. Marvin Batte, Ron Chamberlain, Cory Schurman, Dana Minihan, Kansas Water Office Director Tracy Streeter and Kansas Department of Agriculture Secretary Jackie McClaskey. GYPSOIL/BRM is committed to delivering the latest information to growers who wish to use gypsum, agricultural consultants, soil scientists and others interested in soil quality.

    To learn more about how GYPSOIL can make an impact on your soil quality, click on the regional map above in the location where you farm or click a brochure below.

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